6 April 2010

Things That Spin

I have an odd fascination for spinning, twirling and whirling.

Can you recall that giddy nauseau of putting your arms out and spinning and spinning and spinning until you could barely stand? It was rather exhilarating wasn't it? (Cowgirl Princess photo by heatherevanssmith)

The fair was a spinner's nirvana, delighting with the casual trot of the merry-go-round, the alarming heights and comforting lows of the ferris wheel, and the terrifyingly dizzying swings? (At The Fair Print by karcharz)

On a really hot day, did press your face as close as you dare to the whirring, cooling fan? Maybe you would "wwwooooo" into it to hear your distorted voice "wooooo"-ing back? (Summer Breeze Fine Art Photograph by TheJaneStudio)

And, finally a trip to the town's diner for a milkshake and a squeaky twist on the cracked vinyl counter stools? (Lunch Counter Fine Art Photograph by BigBeanPhotos)

1 comment:

Little Sister said...

To this day I still love a good twirly skirt and can't help but spin in my apartment when I have one on!