21 October 2010

Sick Days

It is been such a terribly long time since I have dropped in to say Hello. Since I have an unexpected day off - a sick day - I thought I would use this extra time to post.

I can't say that a sick day deserves an honourable mention. Instead, I am devoting this day to things that make us feel cozy on those days when we feel less than plummy.

Now, on such a day, nothing is of paramount importance so much as a cozy, cuddly blanket. Knitted is best, and having a fringe to run through your listless fingers, better yet. Here, we have a beautiful speciman from CricketsCreations.

To hug those chilled feet, keep your favorite slippers nearby. It just doesn't do to snuzzle under a blanket to get warm, only to have your feet hit bare, cold floor when you brave the world beyond the parameters of the couch. And truth be told, when we are sick, it does help to have one little thing that makes us feel pretty despite the blanched visage, red nose, and glassy eyes. So, choose a pretty, feminine pair of slippers. Maybe these ones from ing00te.

A steaming cup of tea is a perfect restorative. But how about teas specially blended to speed the return to good health. SpiritHorseHerbals has a combination pack of herbal teas speficially for this purpose - An Immune Booster, and Achy Breaky Tea.

And finally, to further soothe those aching muscles, steam away congestion, aid in the detoxification process, all while whisking you away to another world, have a hot, scented, salt soak. These luxurious bath salts in bewitching lichen scent can be found in the shop of, ForStrangeWomen. (Now, why does that shop name speak to me so?)

Now, rest. All will be well again soon.