7 February 2012

Downton Inspirations

What an impossibly long time it has been since I have posted anything on this once again, much neglected blog.  My resolutions to be better never do last long, do they?  I do swear (again, I know!) to be more attentive.  Regardless, if you have chosen to stick around and peek in occasionally, I do thank you.  And, since you are here let's get to it, shall we?   

This past weekend I found an immensely satisfying new source of creative inspiration - Downton Abbey.  If you are not aware of this program, you must go find it.  It is a British period based on the inhabitants - the aristrocratic Crawley family and the family's servants - of Downton Abbey, an impressive country home in Northern England in the years immediately before and during World War 1. 

Not only is the cast incredible (honestly, I had no idea I could love Dame Maggie Smith more), but the setting is breathtaking, and the costumes out of this world.  Everytime a new hat enters a scene, I swoon.  Immediately, my eye started to light upon some fabulous examples of period jewellery.  It has proven to be a great source of inspiration.  I love jewellery and fashions from this area, and once I was able to tear myself away from my TV, I proceeded post-haste to my studio.  I ripped into all the supplies that I had to hand, including ones that had been long been banished and went on a frantic search for anything I could use to start crafting some new pieces.  How wonderful to find some new inspiration and to be able to look at my supply stash through these rose-coloured glasses.

Cameos, oversized glass pearls, lockets, antiqued metals, and jet glass all have a new purpose.  And I already have a significant number of pieces to add to my new Downton inspired collection.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces already, and be sure to keep checking my etsy shop as more pieces become available for sale.