14 April 2008

Oh, How You Tempt Me!!!

My bead store is (no pun intended) so very crafty!! They send out a weekly email highlighting new products and advertising the deals of the week. And week after week, I spy something new that I simply MUST have. This week it was a new stash of Czech glass donut beads. Oh, donuts... my ultimate weakness. These new beads are stunning, all mottled in watery and earthy colours. I was immediately drooling as I was reading the email. Then came the clincher. "Limited Supply". Oh no, get the car keys, I need to go grab these beads before someone beats me to it!!

Whew, close call. I beat the rush, and here is the first set of items made with just one of the new variety of beads. These beads are a particulary lovely azure blue with a hint of of brown speckled on top and bottom, like waves lapping gently at a sandy cove. They look stunning with the matte black.

12 April 2008

Copper. Is it my Latest Obsession?

Turns out that, yes, it may just be. I posted yesterday about the copper and aventurine bracelet. Today I again used some of the curved copper tubes, but this time with copper flowers as well.

Mixing in just a little sparkle with Swarovski crystals, I love the result.

On a totally separate note, I wish it were dinner-time. We have reservations this evenign for Joso's, a Meditteranean seafood restaurant in Toronto. I have been dreaming of their grilled calamari all day long.

11 April 2008

New Love - New Listing

This my newest item listed on etsy. I'm more than just a little in love with this one.

It is made with red aventurine stone flowers. I have given the flowers a centre of topaz Swarovski crystals. These have been wrapped with enough loop so that the flowers can move slightly when worn. Surrounded the flowers are rondelles of autumnal orange Czech glass, and curved copper tubes.

I just stumbled upon these aventurine flower beads this afternoon. I also found some Carnelian carved into a a shape of reminiscent of a calla lily or unfurling leaves. Very pretty. Here are the earrings that I made using the Carnelian.

Again, these have been lightly kissed with Swarovski crystal, this time in a peridot green. I love these copper ear hooks that have the stacked ball motif at the front curve as well.

5 April 2008

Too Much Excitement!!!

I have been really ignoring my poor blog lately. It's not that I have nothing to share. Rather, I have too much!!

First, the big news. My husband, Darcy got a much hoped for work transfer which will result in relocation to a new province. By June 1 we will be in New Brunswick. We are both thrilled about this move. We have been hoping for some time to give up the urban life and find a little patch of land with a small house and some outbuildings. We both enjoy home-based projects and we can't wait to arm ourselves with hammers, paint rollers, grout etc. And depending on the time of year when we actually find a permanent residence, I am eager to also kit myself out with rakes, hoes, and seed packets. This will be our biggest creative eneavour to date, and one that we can actually work on together.

Second, I have recently been kept very busy with a large jewelry order which this past week I delivered to the CN Tower gift shop. I had hoped to have the time to take photos to share as a sneak peek. Sadly, I ran out of time and was not able to do so. Many of the items though are available in my etsy shop, so I can still provide some hints. Here are a few:

And the hairsticks shown below will be featured there as well.

So as you can imagine, between planning a 1,000km+ move, and trying to fill orders, keep up with my etsy shop, and dealing with normal life stuff, things have been a little hectic. But, it has all been very exciting, and it is nice to finally have a chance to share it with everyone.