28 June 2007

I Hearts Me Customers

I have a craft show this coming Saturday. I can't wait. I love doing shows because I get to meet the people who will buy, wear and appreciate my work. It is immensely gratifying to have a chance to chat, and to know that the jewelry I make will go to a good home. I have met some really fascinating people this way.
I'm often surprised by the things that people buy as well. I have made items that I thought were more youthful, but they become the favorites among the 50+ set; whereas things that I have made that seemed more mature, elegant and professional are drooled over by teenagers in lo-rise jeans and sneakers. Its an interesting way to see your market, and to gauge feedback. Sometimes the things that I make and haven't high hopes for, because of cost, material or because the item was made to suit my own whimsy are the first things to go, and other times, the items that I figure are a sure thing languish on the table.
And every crowd is different. Bracelets are hot in one space, and practically invisible at the next. You can never really gauge fro one show to the next and that is what makes this so interesting.

Here is one of my latest items. I posted one on etsy and it had an immediate buyer, the second listing for a similar piece, has been sitting and hoping for a buyer. Maybe the new versions I made will find homes over the weekend.

19 June 2007

Important Newsflash

Last night I had to take drastic matters. Armed with scissors and no prior hair-cutting experience, I decided to annihilate the cowlick which has recently decided to present itself so prominantely on the left side on my head. I took a deep breath and snipped wildly, all the time hoping for the best.
After a night of anxiously awaiting this morning's lather, rinse, repeat, I am happy to report that said cowlick is now resting comfortably, hidden in amongst the curls where it belongs.

Spreading the Etsy Love

Etsy is at the same time both the most wonderful place on earth, and the most dangerous.

When I set up my shop on etsy, I viewed it as a savvy business move. I could present my work to a global audience, increase sales, and propel my business forward. It's not having quite the effect that I had originally desired. Instead, etsy has become a playground.

For starters, I have met a really great group of arts-and-crafters in the forums. We meet daily to discuss any random topic and thought, share our triumphs on and off etsy, commiserate when someone has drama in their personal life, as well lend support and feedback on our work. When I come in to work in the mornings, I log ino the forum thread even before checking my work email or voice-mail. (You can find many of these wonderful folks on the etsy blog ring, just be meandering off to the right-hand side of the page.)

But the biggest problem with etsy, is that I have uncovered a treasury trove of items that I never realized I needed. Items like needle-felted pet rocks; fabric foodstuffs; drawings of odd little creatures proffering squash, and pins with pictures of emotional breakfast foods.

And of course there is a never ending supply of items that it only makes sense to own: lip balm cozies; clay couches for your business cards to relax on; tiny purses shaped like a slice of cake; a never-ending supply of thank you cards; and hairpins with flowers exquisitely made from Japanese kimono silk or fun little balls of felt.

Maybe etsy was not as business-savvy a plan as I had hoped. After all, I seem to have trouble getting too far ahead, when every time I make a sale I turn around and treat myself to one of the gajillions of lovelies that I come across each and every day. Let's call it karma then... I'm spreading the love and helping support fellow etsy artisans. Maybe more of that good vibe can back to me. Ah dang... that will just give me more reason to buy.

12 June 2007


I have been obsessed with my camera lately. Although the practical part of me tells me to sit down and start beading, building inventory for upcoming shows or for listing items on etsy, the creative part of me again and again keeps crying out for my camera. Its hard to resist. This is easily the most beautiful time of year.
The park at the end of my street offers up a new selection of buds and blooms almost hourly. And softer spring light illuminates nature's offerings beautifully throughout the day. If I take a photo of a certain bloom in the morning light, I feel compelled to go back and recapture the same beauty later in the day to capitalise on the new angles of light.
My subject matter at the moment has mainly been all of the stunning flowers, but I have recently been told that there is an owl living in our park, so I have become a dusk-stalker, hoping to catch sight of this elusive creature. In the meantime, flowers require much less sneaking up on, and here are some of my latest captures.