12 June 2007


I have been obsessed with my camera lately. Although the practical part of me tells me to sit down and start beading, building inventory for upcoming shows or for listing items on etsy, the creative part of me again and again keeps crying out for my camera. Its hard to resist. This is easily the most beautiful time of year.
The park at the end of my street offers up a new selection of buds and blooms almost hourly. And softer spring light illuminates nature's offerings beautifully throughout the day. If I take a photo of a certain bloom in the morning light, I feel compelled to go back and recapture the same beauty later in the day to capitalise on the new angles of light.
My subject matter at the moment has mainly been all of the stunning flowers, but I have recently been told that there is an owl living in our park, so I have become a dusk-stalker, hoping to catch sight of this elusive creature. In the meantime, flowers require much less sneaking up on, and here are some of my latest captures.

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