20 March 2012

It's Spring!!

Officially.  It's here.  SPRING!

Normally, I would be a little tickled to look at my calendar and notice those little words typed at the bottom of the date telling me that the day had finally arrived.  But, today I am truly puffed up with excitement at the arrival of this wondrous new season.  Spring could not have arrived in grander style. 

At the moment the thermometer is showing me a double digit temperature - 20 degrees.  *sigh*  The sun is shining brilliantly.  Best of all - I have the day off work.  Honestly, could it be better. Not likely.

All week I have been witnessing the arrival of old dear friends and their absence has truly made my heart grow fonder.  Robins, song sparrows, and even those silly grackles that devour all the bird seed and screech their presence.  I have missed you all and welcome you back. 

Poking about in my gardens this morning I saw the first shoots of chives appearing among last year's browned, dried out matter.  And lo' did I spy tips of tulips and daffodils and croci, oh my!  Convinced I was that the newly planted bulbs had become a squirrel buffet throughout the winter, I was more than overjoyed to push aside some of the insulating autumn leaves and find fresh sprouts of growth.  How I long for those cheery yellow blooms. 

To make the most of the new season, I made a hasty jaunt to the still-bare garden centres and stocked up with (not enough) potting soil.  The first of my container veggies are planted and the fresh taste of spring will in the near future be dancing across my winter-weary palette. 

Welcome spring, and thank you March for being such a lamb. 

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