25 July 2007

Jewelry, Jewelry, Everywhere!

I made a huge, life-altering decision last week. I decided that I was going to quit my job and spend my time concentrating on what I love! Jewelry making, obviously.

Clearly, the fates smiled upon me as I made this decision because last Friday I received a nice sized order from a store in the town where I grew up. I deliver it to them in mid-August, just in time for them to move to their new, bigger location.
I'm very excited about the prospect of building my own business.

Although working "for the man" has been an experience that had to be endured, I relish the thought of new challenges. Moreover, I relish the opportunity to have more time to devote to the process of creation. Working during stolen moments in the evening and for short bursts on the weekends, has a habit of stymying creativity. I have been getting into the habit of making items that are reworked versions of the old stand-bys. In itself, that's fine. If I know these pieces will ultimately appeal to most people, and will therefore result in me being able to pay the bills, then I am happy to keep making them. There is after all enjoyment still to be had in coming up with new colour combinations, or experimenting with new textures and shapes.

I am not happy however with having limited time to explore new and unique designs; those one of a kind pieces, that challenge me and leave me with a glow of satisfaction.

My first day of freedom I think shall be spent recapturing the joy that comes when I am surrounded with perfectly shaped, brilliantly coloured baubles of glass and wood and stone!