11 May 2010

Moving On...

With our move only weeks away now, I have to onerous task tomorrow of calling around and informing credit cards, banks, utility companies etc, etc, etc of our new address. I wish that there was a nicer way to do this - someway that did not involve hours of time on hold waiting for someone to answer my call, and then having me spell out every single word using my own imaginative phonetic alphabet: A for Argyle Socks; B for Bread Pudding; C for Curling Ribbon.

Imagine if you could just send all the companies involved a kicky little card to inform them that you were moving on, please update your files. Imagine if there was actually someone at these companies who opened mail and actually cared. Well, there I go again with my grandiose dreams!

Let's take a look at some cute little moving announcements anyway.

This sweet card comes as a digital file from the shop of mailboxbliss. I love the simple, unlcuttered design and the whimsical illustration of the nest. The addition of the shadow below the nest adds a fabulous 3-dimensional element to it as well, which I really love.

This sweet, sunny yellow card is totally my style. I adore a good bee motif, and the mixture of honey yellow and chocolate brown is utterly delicious. These cards come with matching envelopes, and matching mailing labels. Fantastic! Find these beauties in the shop of WhiskerGraphics.

9 May 2010


She takes us by the hand to protect and guide us. (photo by mariannat)

She nourishes and nurtures. (photo by janeheller)

Always elegant, feminine and refined. (Photo by kittyrogers)

She is the woman we hope to one day become. (photo by TwinkleLight)

Happy Mother's Day!

4 May 2010

Dreaming in Purple

Do you dream in purple?

Purple may symbolize mystery and therefore represent, in psychological terms, deep intuition or awareness of some type as yet unexplored dimension of the self. Come, enter my dream world.

A doorway to a violet-coloured world. Let this vintage glass doorknob lead you through. Find it in the shop of Cariboucreek.

View the world through orchid-hued glasses. Vintage mother-of-pearl opera glasses from cherrylippedroses.

A dreamy pinhole photograph of OostDuinkerke, Belgium where sandy beach meets a melting purple sky. This photo is from the shop of benconservato.

Breath deep the scents of plummy-toned blossoms that surround. These hydrangeas join us from the shop of RaceyTay.

Discover these mysteries whilst you can, as dreams you know, are fleeting. As they slide from your subconscious rest your head once more, soundly upon a fleecy purple pillow. Wool roving from the shop of portfiber.

3 May 2010

Favorite Things - May 3

I might be a bit weird in this respect, but I actually really love this thing that most people absolutely loathe.

We're moving again! I love the excitement of packing up boxes only to unpack them all over again in a few weeks. We still have boxes packed from our move to New Brunswick 2 years ago, so when we get to our new place and finally unpack them it will be a little like unwrapping endless presents. "Why, I forgot we even had this!"

This time we are only doing a one-province hop so not so big a deal. Under three hours of driving time as opposed to the twenty + hours of our last move.

Oh, want to know where we are off to? Nova Scotia. YAH!! I love, love, LOVE Nova Scotia and am so over the top thrilled about this move. I suspect that our new home will lead me to have many, many favorite things to share as I explore our new home.

So, today it is simply a big YAH for moving and for having new adventures await!