4 May 2010

Dreaming in Purple

Do you dream in purple?

Purple may symbolize mystery and therefore represent, in psychological terms, deep intuition or awareness of some type as yet unexplored dimension of the self. Come, enter my dream world.

A doorway to a violet-coloured world. Let this vintage glass doorknob lead you through. Find it in the shop of Cariboucreek.

View the world through orchid-hued glasses. Vintage mother-of-pearl opera glasses from cherrylippedroses.

A dreamy pinhole photograph of OostDuinkerke, Belgium where sandy beach meets a melting purple sky. This photo is from the shop of benconservato.

Breath deep the scents of plummy-toned blossoms that surround. These hydrangeas join us from the shop of RaceyTay.

Discover these mysteries whilst you can, as dreams you know, are fleeting. As they slide from your subconscious rest your head once more, soundly upon a fleecy purple pillow. Wool roving from the shop of portfiber.

1 comment:

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