3 May 2010

Favorite Things - May 3

I might be a bit weird in this respect, but I actually really love this thing that most people absolutely loathe.

We're moving again! I love the excitement of packing up boxes only to unpack them all over again in a few weeks. We still have boxes packed from our move to New Brunswick 2 years ago, so when we get to our new place and finally unpack them it will be a little like unwrapping endless presents. "Why, I forgot we even had this!"

This time we are only doing a one-province hop so not so big a deal. Under three hours of driving time as opposed to the twenty + hours of our last move.

Oh, want to know where we are off to? Nova Scotia. YAH!! I love, love, LOVE Nova Scotia and am so over the top thrilled about this move. I suspect that our new home will lead me to have many, many favorite things to share as I explore our new home.

So, today it is simply a big YAH for moving and for having new adventures await!

1 comment:

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