28 June 2007

I Hearts Me Customers

I have a craft show this coming Saturday. I can't wait. I love doing shows because I get to meet the people who will buy, wear and appreciate my work. It is immensely gratifying to have a chance to chat, and to know that the jewelry I make will go to a good home. I have met some really fascinating people this way.
I'm often surprised by the things that people buy as well. I have made items that I thought were more youthful, but they become the favorites among the 50+ set; whereas things that I have made that seemed more mature, elegant and professional are drooled over by teenagers in lo-rise jeans and sneakers. Its an interesting way to see your market, and to gauge feedback. Sometimes the things that I make and haven't high hopes for, because of cost, material or because the item was made to suit my own whimsy are the first things to go, and other times, the items that I figure are a sure thing languish on the table.
And every crowd is different. Bracelets are hot in one space, and practically invisible at the next. You can never really gauge fro one show to the next and that is what makes this so interesting.

Here is one of my latest items. I posted one on etsy and it had an immediate buyer, the second listing for a similar piece, has been sitting and hoping for a buyer. Maybe the new versions I made will find homes over the weekend.

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