14 April 2008

Oh, How You Tempt Me!!!

My bead store is (no pun intended) so very crafty!! They send out a weekly email highlighting new products and advertising the deals of the week. And week after week, I spy something new that I simply MUST have. This week it was a new stash of Czech glass donut beads. Oh, donuts... my ultimate weakness. These new beads are stunning, all mottled in watery and earthy colours. I was immediately drooling as I was reading the email. Then came the clincher. "Limited Supply". Oh no, get the car keys, I need to go grab these beads before someone beats me to it!!

Whew, close call. I beat the rush, and here is the first set of items made with just one of the new variety of beads. These beads are a particulary lovely azure blue with a hint of of brown speckled on top and bottom, like waves lapping gently at a sandy cove. They look stunning with the matte black.


GĂ©rard de Suresnes said...
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