16 June 2008

Settling In

I know that at some point I had made a promise to my blog that I would no longer ignore it. But this time I actually had good reason. Life has been a whirlwind lately. I already mentioned that big change was headed our way as we took to the road and moved to New Brunswick.
Surprisingly, the moving went off without a hitch. Unsurprisingly, things like blogs and crafting had to take a back-seat. But, with about 90% of the boxes unpacked, and a little bit of exploration time under my hat, I am ready to settle back into some sort of groove. And it was with great happiness that I pulled bead container after bead container out of a box and put them on their deisgnated shelf in my studio space. Yep, I actually have studio space.
It was with greater happiness that I actually found a few quiet moments to sit down and make a few pieces. Here are some of my new items:

Dyed Mother of Pearl and Copper Eternity Earrings

Mother of Pearl and Peruvian Opal Necklace

Lava Stone and Peruvian Opal Earrings

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Sixth & Elm said...

Glad you're all settled in. Ontario misses you. Yup. The WHOLE province.