22 April 2010

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Such a milestone! Sadly though, despite forty years of efforts, the Earth is still in dire need of critical action. The idea of saving the Earth, may seem daunting, but there myriad ways you can help. And if everyone promises to make one or two small changes to their lifestyle, the impact can be massive.

The official Earth Day website has a list of action points that we can all try to incorporate into our lives. Click here to view the list, and then please let me know what small changes you will strive toward.

I have a lot of nasty habits too, and each year, I try to break a few more.

From the list I already, as a matter of habit, or whenever possible:

*Shop at the local farm's market, using my own bags, and eat a significant amount of locally sourced foods. Local and fresh food tastes better. And I believe in supporting the local economy and the small enterprise over the large multi-national.

*Use old paper for rough work to save paper. I have a stack of used envelopes nearby that I use for jotting lists, writing reminders, or scribbling ideas.

*Use less disposable products. No paper napkins is my number one rule. Plain and simple... I enjoy trees, and linen is simply nicer to use.

*Hang laundry to dry. This practice makes good common sense on so many levels. The repeated abuse from a tumble heat dryer is not good for your clothes. Air-dried laundry has a longer life, and it feels and smells fresher too!

*Do not waste water bottles. I tote a Stainless Steel Kleen Kanteen with me everywhere I go. I wrote a "Favorite Thing" post about it a few months ago if you want a review. I also have a re-usable coffee mug that sees a great deal of action.

*Pay bills online. If you drive to the bank to pay bills, you waste gas. If you mail the cheques and receive bills in the mail, you waste paper. Most companies have e-billing options, and some companies even give a small credit for this option. Most bills are also payable online, and yes, it is safe!

*Buy products with less packaging. Buy bulk products, for example. If your local bulk store allows customers to do so, bring your own re-usable bags.

This year, my goals are:

*To have at least one meat-free day each week to curb carbon emissions from the livestock industry.

*I will make my lunches 100% litterless. Right now, I am at about 80%... I can be better.

* I pledge to not drive it, if I can walk it.

Please share in the comments your plans on how you will help your Earth this year.

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