18 April 2010

Garden Time - Accent Pieces

Now, with the planting under way let's turn our sights to some accent pieces to really make your garden shine.

Add an old-world elegance to any garden by adding a garden trellis. Allow your ivy to creep and curl around it as shown here, or use it for showy climbing roses or charming morning glories. If you wish to be truly decadent. Handmade metal garden trellis from SilvertipsIronworks.

Inspired by the gardens of the European nobility, these garden stakes instantly increase elegance in your garden as well as being functional. These are to be found in the shop of historicalproducts.

This sweet metal wall hanging would be perfect for adding a little whimsy to the side of your garden shed or porch. Available in a variety of colours, you can find this in the shop of RustyRoosterMetal.

A birdbath is a wonderful addition to any garden. A traditional stone one adds a nice formality, while a bold glass one can add a wonderful shock of colour. This gorgeous handmade glass birdbath is from GloriousGlassGarden.

Most gardeners curse those wascally wabbits, but a concrete one adds a charming touch to a garden. I love the look of small sculptures that are tucked away into the garden instead of being a focal point. There's a certain delight in the unexpected surprise of a sweet bunny face peeping out from behind beneath a lilac bush. This sweet bunny was found in mudstuff.

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