3 April 2010

Easter Baskets

With all this recent talk of eggs, it only does make sense that we explore some vessels in which to collect them. Hmmmm... what to use. Oh, a basket of course.

Let's begin with these lovely moss lined, birch bark baskets. Doesn't a hushed birch forest evoke a lovely image of spring? Find these pretty baskets in the shop of NHWoodscreations.

In a shift from the traditional, try a sturdy and re-usable fabric basket. This gorgeous specimen is made from recycled cotton and natural linen. It comes from the Helsinki shop of tuuni.

Simply stunning gorgeous coiled fabric baskets/bowls. This set of two has been crafted by PiecefulDesigns from blue and cream batik fabric.

And finally, how about a vintage french-style egg basket. I love this!! I found this in the vintage shop inwiththeold.

Now, with all these wonderful ways to carry those eggs about, I expect no slippery egg messes. Happy egg-hunting.

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