4 April 2010

Easter Bonnets

Pull on your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it. When I was a child I used to decorate paper plates with crepe and tissue paper, cut out flowers and the like and tie them to my head with ribbons and string. Today, it is safe to say that my tastes have matured a bit, but I still find pleasure in a fine, primly adorned hat.

My first hat love is a cloche style hat. I have a large, rather odd shaped head and the cloche it seems makes it appear smaller and more uniform. This cloche from yellowfield7 is a spectacular version with a hint of curl and a minimal yet impactful accent piece.

A gorgeous hand-blocked Derby hat, festooned with stunning peacock feathers. Look for this one in the shop of BoringSidney.

From the 1940's comes this wonderful straw hat, embellished with a linen-coloured ribbon and red flower. The shape of this makes it seem just as though a playful breeze is snatching it from the wearer's head. This hat was discovered in marvita13's vintage shop.

Finally, because the seasons are changing a lighter-weight hat may be in order. This softly shaped knit jersey hat is perfectly fitting for spring, and the pink crochet flower is a further nod to spring. This hat comes from the shop of JANNYSGIRL.

Happy Easter. I hope you get a chance to wear a fun bonnet or hat today.

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