11 April 2010

The End of an Era?

I read an article recently that suggested that cupcakes had seen their day -that they were on their way to the land of distant food fad memories. Shocking, right? To make it worse the article claimed that their fame was being usurped by *gasp* the donut. Say it isn't so. Why, donuts aren't even cute in the least! Let me sit you down and explain to you, why exactly cupcakes will always be better than donuts.

Let's pull on our aprons and begin our lesson. Well ok, truth is the apron is not necessary for the lesson. But, it does make a valid point. No one will ever pull on a pretty apron to trudge to the Tim Horton's to pick up a box of donuts. No, they will pull on their parka, snowpants, scarf, mitts, hat and boots. However, if I were to breeze into my kitchen right now to lovingly create a batch of cupcakes, I would. Because sometimes a girl likes to feel pretty as she covers herself in a fine dusting of flour and unknowingly wipes melted chocolate across her cheek. If you are one of those girls, look for this apron in the charming shop of CityChicCountryMouse.

Moving on... We all know that the first step in successful cupcake creation is the lining of the pan with paper cups to prevent sticking, and also to provide a pretty and convenient tidy-finger solution to cupcake handling. Therefore, the prettier the paper cups, the better. Yes? Yes, of course, so look for pretty papers like these in the shop of CupcakeSocial.

Compare this to the donut. What method is used for tidy-finger handling of the donut? Well, the person loading the box uses that flimsy square of crumpled waxed tissue. From there, anyone helping themselves to a donut from the box is left to fend for themselves. Donuts are just simply not a dainty food.

Now, let's compare the va-va-va-voom factor. Cupcakes were born to be beautiful. Mounds of pastel tinted, buttercream frosting lovingly piped on, and then topped with a sweet embellishment. Consider these fondant cupcake toppers from TwoSugarBabies.

On a cupcake these are perfection. If however, you were to place one of these on a donut, well the effect would be truly lost and the attempt absolutely miserable. Donuts just don't have the necessary frosting layer. Plus, the embellishment would cover the hole, which is the identifying mark of the donut. Without the hole what is a donut other than a round puffy disc of fried dough.

And sprinkles, glorious little sprinkles. They cling so elegantly to that mountain peak of frosting - like cherry blossom petals settling on Mt Fuji. Consider this dainty quartet from CupcakeConfessional.

Yes, the donut folk are shouting that there are donuts with sprinkles, and you are correct. But, I have to point out that again there is that donut hole to consider. This hole greatly reduces the available surface area for which those sprinkles may cling. When talking sprinkles, it is always best to maximize surface area to thereby maximize sprinkle allowance. It's elementary, my dears!

Of course there is the issue of serving these sweet delights. Cupcakes are that dessert that have been elevated to such a level of perfection that we may have put them on a figurative pedestal. But they deserve it, and therefore may rightly take their place upon a literal pedestal as well. Place your cupcake upon one of these darlings from whitneysmith.

Donuts, again, I have to say waxed tissue and a paper box. And if that is not enough to convince you - imagine them lying pressed together with icing and glaze transferring from the top of one to the bottom of the other. Sticky, messy, smeared. Not so pretty is it.

And finally, what may be the most compelling argument yet. Cupcakes inspire artists to create wonderful works like this one from alicebgardens.

Have you ever looked at a donut and thought, "I feel moved to capture its beauty"?

I think that I have presented a fairly compelling case in favour of the cupcake. But, please, leave a comment and let me know where you stand on the great debate: cupcake vs. donut.


Brigitte said...

Gourmet cupcake shops and frazzled mothers who can open a box of cake mix, pour it into muffin pans and send the finished results with their children to school as a homemade class treat, will keep cupcakes alive! I think there's even a reality show about a cupcake business on some channel.
I may be biased though. I don't really like donuts but give me a cherry chip cupcake any day.

City Chic Country Mouse said...

Cupcakes please! Thank you so much for including our apron on your lovely blog!

Emms said...

I had cupcakes at my wedding (as opposed to a cake) before cupcakes were "cool" and popping up on television and corner shops. AND, Brigitte...they were CHERRY CHIP flavour!

String, did you read this horrendous and ridiculous statement on April Fool's day?

Asingle said...

Nothing in this world can beat peeling the paper off a vanilla cupcake and taking that first bite of lovely vanilla cake and light frothy icing.

Donuts can never replace the cupcake. I think the 3 or 4 busy cupcake shops in Toronto will have to agree with me.

I have also come to love wearing an apron. What gal secretly doesn't love being pretty in the kitchen!

elle moss said...

yay for cupcakes!
thanks for featuring my alice b gardens print!

Whitney Smith said...

Saying cupcakes are going out of style is like saying ice cream cones are over, or cookies have had their day. Small sweet treats are always popular, though some of the over the top "cupcakeries" may not stay in business, but not because people are tired of cupcakes! Thanks for spotlighting the incredible cupcake and featuring my bird cupcake stand.