20 April 2010

A Mix of Sun and Cloud

I'll take the little mix of sun with the rain. Its better than all grey clouds and rain which is what we've been dealing with over the past few days. And it definitely is better than the snow that surprised me upon waking this past Saturday.

So, today, let's look revel in the mix of sunny yellow and cloudy grey!

Like a puffy grey cloud with bits of sun peeking through. This fabulous, squishy roving comes from the shop of spinningtheweb.

Looks like the mix of sunny and cloud are being reflected in a rippling lake surface. This staggeringly pretty focal lampwork bead comes from the shop of elysiumbeads.

Its that moment at dawn on a day when the rain is ending, and the sun is strengthening. The world is washed out one moment and in the next, colour creeps back in. A bold graphic tie from MeandMatilda.

A sunny rose. Looks like the sun won over the cloud in this moment! Find this gorgeous pillow in the dedeetsyshop. Loads of other fun colour combinations are available, too.

Although, this weather is surely pretty, let's hope for fully sunny skies tomorrow.


PrairiePeasant said...

I enjoy the variety of items you include in your finds! I think we must be hogging the sunshine here in Manitoba!

Emms said...

ssshhhhh Prairie - don't tell the others!