20 April 2010

Roman Holiday

Easily one of my favorite movies, and a complete fantasy world for me, Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday is the inspiration of the day.

Endless curtsying and glasses of milk, gosh, what's a princess to do for a little fun? Naturally, you scale the villa wall and make a break for it on the streets of Rome. A gorgeous photo of crumbly Roman architecture, fittingly titled "Hide and Seek" comes from the shop of scenethirty1.

Be cautious of who you meet along the way. Not everyone is how they seem. Take for instance our dashing friend Joe. He seems to have your best interests at heart, but will he turn your escape into front page news? This vintage type-writer can be found in the shop of vintagerenaissance.

And how about those accompanying photographs; how did they get shot? Why that cigarette lighter was actually a camera? Oh, Irving... she placed such trust in you and Joe. Vintage sterling silver lighter (no camera included, sadly!) is from hatstoflats.

And here, all you wanted to do was zip through the streets of Rome on a Vespa, dance a top of the Tiberis and stop for a scoop of gelato.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and every princess has duties that she simply must perform. The escape, though brief, was truly exhilarating but it is time once again to return to the villa, don the proper attire and demurely greet your admiring crowd. This dress is from the shop of TimelessVixenVintage.

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