7 April 2010

Country Charm

I am a big fan of Sarah Richardson, and have become totally engrossed in her new season of Sarah's House. In this third installment, she has bought a ramshackle farmhouse and is making it over from head to toe, Sarah-style. In keeping with the farmhouse look and feel, and keeping true to the home's original period, Sarah is incorporating many antique elements, uncovered at antique markets and country flea markets.

Now let's face it, a country flea market can be a hit or miss affair. You may one day find every thing that your heart desires, and other days the market may yield no treasures at all. So, I took a look at the vintage category on etsy, and 'lo and behold, treasures abound. And I didn't have to rise at the crack of dawn, nor slog through a muddy field to find them.

If you saw Sarah's recent kitchen renovation, you probably admired the use of the reclaimed corbels, used to support an open shelf and to add a decorative element to the range hood. This gorgeous corbel I found in the vintage shop of ShopGreenOwl. This would be gorgeous simply as a stand-alone object, or equally lovely incorporated into a design feature.

One of the truly beautiful features of traditional older homes is the use of mouldings and trimwork. If you can, salvage these pieces. Sometimes though pieces become damaged and need to be replaced. If this is the case, you might be able to find an original replacement rather than restoring to a new pressed-board replica. A selection of trim pieces are on offer at lisabretrostyle.

To remain sympathetic to the original period and design of a home, remember to focus equally on the details. If you are able to reclaim doors, cabinets and other large elements - great. If not, choose a new piece that matches the style of the original, but dress them in period ornaments. A new door would benefit greatly from a salvaged doorknob for example. Try some rustic, salvaged aged brass knobs from dkgeneralstore.

Likewise, new cabinets are given an old-world charm with addition of vintage pulls that already come complete with an aged patina. These ones, from the shop of retrovertigo.

Next time you are thinking about any reno or even small repair, don't automatically get in the car and go to the nearest Home Depot. Out there to be found are any number of salvaged and reclaimed parts that may be exactly what you need. Recycled parts are good for the earth after all, and vintage appeal is good for the soul.

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