29 April 2010

Punch of Colour

There is an ever widening trend toward pristine white or grey, pale, washed out pallettes for the home kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in my mind should be the room with the most joy. Think of the colours of foods that you are chopping and dicing - rich red tomatoes, vibrant orange peppers, pale green cabbage - don't those colours look beautiful in your pale space. Keep your monochromatic pallette if you must, but add some punch to your space. Mix in colourful accessories to bring the fun and the joy back to the kitchen.

If you are timid about adding in colour, choose a nice mild addition such as a hit of pale green. Pretty vintage apothecary jars in tinted green glass from satisfind would look gorgeous housing cookies, beans, or other loose staple foods.

An arrangement of mixed bowls would be a nice complement to the jars. This quartet of Vintage Verde Cinderella Pyrex bowls are from sassboxclassics. Wouldn't they be pretty filled with various citrus fruits?

If you are a little more brave and open to the idea of adding colour choose a little modern whimsy like this cupcake cookie jar from fruitflypie. Its simply adorable, and blues are always a breath of fresh air.

A deeper blue is gorgeous with a pale colour scheme. A pair of pot holders in deep French blue is
a fabulous colour inspiration. Find these pallette pleasing potholders in the shop of Fluur.

It doesn't hurt to throw all caution to the wind. After all, a white kitchen is a virtual blank slate., Go bold. Gorgeous pale green and vibrant orange floursack towels are a great starting point. Fresh and eyecatching, these towels and other kitchen linens can be found in the shop of margotbianca.

For the truly adventurous, mix a few of the above colours together. See how the pale green and the orange look fabulous together in the towel above; or how the blue and white and khaki green are a charming trio in the potholders? Don't limit yourself to one accent colour. Have FUN!!

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