24 April 2010

Stroll the Paper Garden

Truth be told, it is not always a perfect day to take a garden stroll. But the beauty of the natural world is always worthy of our admiration. Today, my inspiration is garden-inspired papercraft.

These absolutely gorgeous orange peonies come in a ready-to-assemble kit, or you can opt for pre-assembly. Shown here as a table embellishment, I am picturing them also as an elegant gift topper. Find them in the shop of paperplatypus.

Handmade spiral flowers have been cut and rolled from gorgeous sturdy papers. A charming mix of textured edges and coordinating colours and patterns. There is no end to the wonderful ways to use these flowers. They are crafted by SuzanneBWebb.

Don't forget all the wonderful creatures that dwell in the garden. Welcome them into your home as well. These sweet orange butterflies would look sweet fluttering up a wall, or could be made into a mobile or hung from a thread to flutter near the wondow. Again, these would also be perfect to top a gift, a card, or as a scrapbooking embellishment These are found in thegildedbee.

I have a fondness for pretty gift tags, especially a prettily embellished hangtag. I also just adore whimsical vintage prints of flora and fauna, especially those involving nests and eggs. These tags from bljgraves therefore, are to me a match made in heaven.

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cedar chest said...

You are so creative! I like the butterflies a lot!