17 April 2010

Garden Time - Stubborn Spots

Not everyone is blessed with acres of land, fertile soil, adequate rain and the proper balance of sun and shade. Many people have teeny city yards, or balconies even, have too much shade, or live in an arid climate. And well, let's face it, some are just not that knowledgable on the topic of gardening or do not have to time required to properly maintain a full garden. Anyone may though, want to enjoy some greenery and enhance their view.

Never fear. There are planting options for all situations.

Here is an extremely easy option. Ivy - it has a multitude of uses. It can be used to add texture and greenery to potted plants. It climbs and winds its way up a trellis which can add interesting high points in a garden. It can also be used as a ground cover. In Toronto, I used to pass a teeny front yard everyday where the owner had opted for a pattern of pea gravel and ivy rather than a traditional grassy lawn. No maintenance and very attractive. Perfect for someone not adept at gardening. Ivy plants are easy to come by. I found these on etsy in the shop of ttownmoss.

If you are cursed (or blessed, depending on your outlook) with too much shade, plant selection can be a bit of a challenge. Shade-loving, low-maintenance hostas are a perfect option. Showy green leaves are lush and certain varieties will put forth a skinny bloom as well. I have seen garden beds filled with nothing but different varieties of hostas, and the effect can be quiet spectacular. AdamsboroSundries sells a trio of roots to get you started.

If you live in an arid climate, or need a plant that can survive you repeatedly forgetting to water it, turn to succulents. There are a wide range of varieties that mixed together can be very eye-catching. A mix of sizes, textures and colours can go a long way. Sedum and "hens and chicks" like these ones found in the shop of sosucculent are popular options.

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