2 April 2010


For Easter. For Spring. Eggs.

I do so love the organic look of the egg: the soft graceful arc; the delicacy, and; the creamy colours. Combined with all this, an unexpected strength, and a promise of new life. So today, we celebrate the egg.

Small mosaic eggs in a mix of pretty summer colours are for offer in the shop of Sigmosaics.

Beautifully earthy eggs, that look as though they could be housing next-generation reptiles. These eggs are handsculpted from earthenware clay, and glazed in several layers to create the unique patterns and desings. These come from HouseofCeramics.

More clay eggs, this time in springtime pastels, come nestled in a moss-lined basket. This lovely set can be purchased from the shop of dearjes.

Keeping with the pastel theme, these lovely Easter Egg soaps from anniepoo are a perfect alternative to those hyperacitvity-inducing chocolate eggs.

Finally, if you will be serving yourself up an egg for breakfast, why not indulge in a kitschy little eggcup? This retro style chicken egg cup can be purchased from the vintage shop of ElsieBetty.

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