9 April 2010

UnOfficial Declaration

Recently, etsy dedicated an entire week to European sellers. Understandable given that a new satellite office has opened in Berlin, and the site is attempting to grab a stronger share of the European market. But up here in Canada a few sellers sat back and thought, "Hey, Hello! What about us, your friendly politely neighbours?"

So, my bold etsy colleague, Fluur, unofficially declared this past week to be Canada Week. Many of the sellers on the Canadian Forum thread that I frequent daily, built Canadian content treasuries. Fluur's made it to the Front Page of etsy! What a delight. I don't know if the subtle nod to Canada was intentional, but who cares. Lots of people saw lots of Canadian talent.

I was lucky enough to be included.

The sellers from left to right, top to bottom, are: willowblacklab, enthral, littleras; myhandboundbooks, HandKnitHugs, artbyangie; 3rdlife, neawear, dearange; TheLonelyPixel, fiveforty and me, stringmealong.

Here, by the way is something beautiful from Fluur's shop:



Pegg said...

Whoohoo!! Go Canada!!

Brigitte said...

Yay for Canadian talent and Canada Week.

gugus said...

What a great and extended honour being on your blog as well.
Meanwhile dozens of Canadian treasuries have been created. Let's go FP!

Thanks, Carol!

cindylouwho2 said...

It was an awesome FP! Canada Week has been a success