15 April 2010

Garden Time - The Veggie Patch

Temporary fencing went up in the big box store parking lot overnight. It looks ugly and sad at the moment. In a week or so, though I know that it will be brimming with burgeoning life as the garden centre begins to fill.

Its time to start thinking about digging your hands into fresh clean earth, and coaxing teeny seeds and shoots to life. Maybe you are thinking of planning a huge veggie patch, or you like to bask in the glory of mid-day blooms. Maybe you possess a green thumb and like to adopt a new plant every year. Or maybe yours is a brown thumb, and grasses and succulents are your limit. Whichever way, there are lots of goodies for you to examine over the next couple days.

Let's begin with the veggie patch.

The ambitious amongst us began their work on their gardens will the earth was still buried beneath a blanket of snow. Teeny seeds, went into teeny pots and under their careful coaxing they came out to greet the world. Little paper pots such as these are perfecting for seed starting, and then can be plopped right into your garden to decompose as they seeds grow. These can be found in the shop of PhotographybyTess.
You've tilled neat little rows. You've lovingly nestled your sprouts into the soil. You've watered. Now, you don't want to lost track of what the heck you planted where? Solve the guessing game, and clearly mark your rows with these gorgeous hand-painted, vintage silverware markers from daisychestnut.

To get your garden growing, there is a trio of tools that will prove invaluable - a rake, a trowel and a claw. Keep them organised with this crafty upcycled rake head. This vintage set includes all four pieces. find it in the shop of bluebonnetfields.

Now as the season progresses, you will need to keep track of an increasing amount of tools, trimmers, twine, etc. Keep everything to hand, while remaining hands-free with a sweet gardening apron. You will find plenty of organising pockets in this one from SewMerry.

Come back tomorrow and we will look at some more fun garden goodies.


Steph said...

even I, with my brown thumbs & all, have plans for a balcony/ container garden this year! Waiting for better weather to get started is teaching me patience :)
I'll be back to read more I'm sure!

Carol said...

Me too! I want to try some tomatoes. And I'll give hherbs another go. I have a pretty brown thumb too. :)