16 April 2010

Garden Time - In Bloom

There are many things to consider when planting the perfect flower garden. You need to consider what plants will grow in light and shade, which plants are hardy enough for your zone, and how much water is required. You also might want to plant so that year round your garden evolves and delights with new offerings. Colour palettes are an important factor too. Do you find a sense of calm in a monochromatic scheme; or do you take pleasure in a riotous profusion of colour?

Whichever way you envision your garden, let's explore some of the options available.

First, let's look at a show-stopper. This is a bloom that can easily add a dramatic focal point to a garden. An iris is generally tall, with a full, stately bloom available in a variety of colours. A perennial flower well suited to many climates, there is likely to be a species that suits your location. The bulbs for this beauty come from the shop of TwoDogGardens.

If you prefer the softer, cottage style of garden you may opt for the sweet yet slightly wild-looking daisies, morning glories, coneflowers and cosmos. The cosmo especially is a good choice as it has a long bloom period, and it is self-seeding. It is reportedly also one of the easiest seeds to grow so if you are an amateur gardener this may be a winner for you. Start them this year with seeds from paulajeansgardens, and enjoy them for years to come.

If you have lots of formal garden to fill and need to edge some borders, or if you have a small garden that can only accommodate a few carefully chosen plants, consider growing some lavender. Its fragrance can't be beat. Lavender can also be harvested for use in floral arrangements, dried for potpourri, or use as when cooking. Seeds should be started 6-8 weeks before the growing season. Growth will be slow the first year, but lush in following years. You can purchase lavender seeds from RathburnSmithFarms.

Are you one of those lucky individuals who has space for a garden pond? What a calming oasis. Increase its natural beauty by adding some gently bobbing waterlilies. Maybe you will be inspired to paint your own personal Giverny. Rhizomes and starter plants can be purchased from teresab123.

Join me again as we look at some low-maintenance, and easy options for planting.

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