19 April 2010

Favorite Things - April 19

Ducks. I absolutely adore ducks. There is just something inherently enjoyable about watching a .... gosh I have no idea what a gang of ducks is actually called.

Ok.... thanks to Ducks Unlimited I have the answer, but I am no less confused by it.

There are several different terms used to refer to a group of ducks. Mostly, it depends on what species of ducks are in the group. Paddling, skiff, raft, team and dopping are just some of the terms used.

It also depends on whether the group is on the ground or in flight. For example, a group of mallard ducks on the ground is call a “sord”, but when in flight, it is called a “flock” (as are all ducks in flight).

So.... it turns out that what I really love is GOOGLE.

Honestly, if it wasn't for google, I would know absolutely nothing! I can't tell you how often I refer to google in a day. When I was in university I wanted to know everything, and I had several sizable libraries at my disposal if I truly wanted to discover an answer. After school, I went through a lazy period where I just used to shrug if I didn't know something and just simply decided that I probably didn't really need to know.

Well, that is no way to live your life. Questions should always be asked, and we should constantly expand our personal knowledge. And it does only take seconds really to google to find out what you want to know, and chances are you will also discover all sorts of information that you didn't want to know but which enriches your life nonetheless.

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