9 March 2010


Spring is nearing. The days are longer. The temperatures are rising. The sun has been burning through the layers of ice and snow. And somewhere below the surface of the frozen earth, little seeds are slowly turning over and stretching themselves from their slumber. Slowly, slowly they will unfurl a tiny tendril, and this determined wisp of green will squirm and nudge its way through the softening earth. Soon, we will little green shoots emerging.

What a tremendous effort exerted by such a teeny being. How admirable is this tenacity? Let us take a moment today to admire these small and mighty forces of nature.

Morning Glory wait to drop their seeds from these plump pods. These seeds will then rest quietly and wait until next spring. This photo is from FootCandleImages.

Earthy, golden seedpods mixed with an autumnal brass leaf. These gorgeous, nature-inspired earrings are from the shop of staroftheeast.

These seedpods have released their bounty. In so doing, they have let behind this wonderful boat shaped pod, which now is filled with wet-felted merino for an ever-lasting natural decoration. These can be found in the shop of woolicious.
Finally, my favorite seed. Maple trees release their lightweight keys to the wind. They briskly helicopter to the ground in a blurred whirl of red and green. These stunningly realistic watercolours were painted by TheBotanicalConcept.


High On Craft said...

Stunningly realistic is right! I thought that was a photograph upon first glance. Wow!

Carol said...

Hi High!!
I was totally blown away by it too! And I just love maple keys. I used to spend hours whipping them off our back porch so I could watch them flutter.