2 March 2010

Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are to me the perfect little burst of joy. I simply adore a little dish of jellybeans - the soft, plump curve of their body and the pop of cheerful colour. Then there's that contrast of texture when you bite into one - that sweet soft shell, and the flavourful jelly centre.

As a child, I learned that the jellybeans were a perfectly sweet accessory for dress-up. Lick a little rounded end lightly, and then rub it swiftly across the lip or cheek for a perfectly pink pucker or blushed cheek.

Today's cast of etsy sellers help me celebrate this glorious little candy.

Someone else who obviously shares this love of jelly-beans is seller Foxxysair8. This photo is simply titled, "Jelly Bean Love".

Jelly beans are even more fun when they have a hint of glitter. But, don't eat these! From sunbasilgarden come these jellybean shaped, cotton-candy scented soaps. mmmmm.....

A funky little frame purse in jellybean coloured polka dots - what could be more fun? This sweetie comes from oktak. (By the way, am I the only person who loves black jelly beans best?)

A luxe, grown-up version of the jellybean comes to us from elleabelle. Smooth briolettes of magenta jade look much like a jellybean, and make a glamorous earring.


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