3 March 2010

Almost too Pretty to Eat

I said, "almost". I am not sure that I have ever encountered a sweet that was actually too pretty to nosh on. I have on occasion taken a long moment to admire the beauty of a treat before grabbing my fork. In the end though, the result is always the same... a sated tummy and a smattering of crumbs.

Let's have a look at a few sweet treats that would give me pause.

Pretty, dipped in pink Brussels cookies from skippingskones. Thin buttery cookies with chocolate sandwiched between. You may choose to have them dipped in chocolate or a candy coating such as the ones seen here. Personally, I think it is the pastel coloured coating that make these look so divine.
From SinnersSaintsSweets, a dark chocolate cupcake, filled with dark chocolate creme, and topped with swirls of strawberry buttercream frosting and crystal sugar sprinkles.

From haveitconfections, Pretty in Pink Vanilla Sugar Marshmallows - their most popular flavour, coated in pink sugar. Made fresh to order, just for you.

Well, as if Oreos aren't addictive enough! Look how decadent these ones from sweetiesbykim have become. They are drenched in semi-dark or milk chocolate, and then made beautiful with the addition of an edible, coloured cocoa butter design. Gorgeous!

Hungry yet?