30 March 2010


Because it is almost Easter, and also because they are just so darned cute... bunnies!

A spring brown bunny with a cotton-white tail. This wooden ornament has been made by GoodWoodDogs.

A trio of rabbits who look as though they are caught slightly off-guard. These darling pudgy fellows can be found in Fairyfolk's shop.

A darling Scandanavian rabbit, handcrafted from a Norsk embroidered tablecloth. I think I truly love him. He was created by donkeypony.

Another trio of bunnies, this time sharing a story (The Velveteen Rabbit, perhaps?). This whimsical print can be found in the lovely little shop of LoxlyHollow.

And finally, a fully functional bunny. Apart from look cute, she keeps your teapot warm. This grey felt rabbit shaped cozy was found in fuzzylogicfelt.

I hope you got your share of bunny love today. If not, there are loads of more gorgeous bunny items on etsy.

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