15 March 2010

Favorite Things - March 15

I don't like taxes. I do however LOVE tax software. Boy, has it ever made my life easier. the paper forms used to make me cry and break out in the math-sweats. They were such a horrible experience. I could not wrap my head around "Line 11 minus Line 3 times 1.17% or if less than Line 52, enter 0". It is no wonder that H&R Block always has immense line-ups.

Now in the age of tax software, life is grand. As long as I don't do anything weird or unusual over the course of a year, I can file my taxes math-sweat free.

Want to know what's even better? Since the introduction of tax software, my husband has gladly, joyfully even, taken over the task of tax filing. I was stressing and fretting when I started yesterday, superstitiously expecting that an itchy left hand was going to equal a giant tax bill. My husband sat down at the computer as I went to procrastinate by making myself a yet another cup of coffee (in hindsight maybe it was all the caffeine that was making me anxious and twitchy!). He started entering digits for me, and before I knew he it was giddily spewing out numbers.

"Why all of a sudden do you enjoy taxes?", I asked him.
He replied, "I just love software!"

There you have it. The best thing ever invented.

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