27 March 2010

Put a Pin in It

Just before I left Toronto I took an evening sewing class through the TDSB Adult Education Program. I was not completely successful. I couldn't cut straight, or stitch straight. Following pattern instructions baffled me. And, I kept pricking myself as I dove into my pin case.

I like to think all of my problems could have been solved simply by having proper tools at hand. I mean of course I had the needles, thread, pin, and an outdated sewing machine at my disposal, but they weren't very visually inspiring.

Come along, let's take a look at some items which I imagine might have improved my sewing skills.

Step one, you always need to have your pins handy. Every seamstress (even me!) knows this. This pretty little lilac pincushion comes from TheDailyPincushion. I really want to know where she found those pins, too!

Of course organisation is the key to everything. And maybe, if alongside my pin cushion, I had had the proper kit I would have found success. Perhaps a hand-embroidered Dupioni silk one to keep a couple spare needles and safety pins. These can be found in the shop of JennifersGift.

Now, if you like things that match, and want to be super-organised, this is for you. Oh, it is so pretty! This beautiful set contains a pin cushion, scissor case, needle book, scissor charm and sturdy tote. You can buy it from DashasCreations.

Ok..... I do realise that probably nothing will ever make me a seamstress, but these lovely pieces really make me want to try again..

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