29 March 2010

Favorite Things - March 29

I have a fondness for afternoon tea with a little snack to get me through to dinner. Cookies are a nice treat, but not always the most nutritionally sound indulgence. I was delighted then to come across these Peak Freans Selections Vanilla Bean Latte cookies.

I didn't have a lot of confidence that these would be good, but decided to try them since they were on sale. What a surprise - these taste great! Vanilla bean lattes are a particular weakness of mine, but one that I must shun when I go to my local coffee shop. I can not justify a drink that is equal to fat and calories to a Big Mac. Egads!! So in a far less harmful way, I get to enjoy the taste through these cookies.

At only 140 calories and 6 grams of fat per three cookies, this is a tasty treat that I can justify indulging in on occasion. To further lessen the guilt, I only help myself to two cookies. Seems like an all around winner to me!


Emms said...

The blueberry brown sugar and flax cookies are good too...oh, as are the shortbread...and the orange cranberry citrus!

You should go back to the store.

Carol said...

LOL... Thanks for the hint. I have heard that about the blueberry brown sugar.
OH! And I love their commercial where the woman puts the bikini top on her fella as he sleeps in the sun. hehehe

Little Sister said...

I love the coconut lime!!!!!!!!

The blueberry brown sugar ones are also ever so tasty. The perfect biscuit for tea.