24 March 2010

Paas Pastels

Do you remember Paas Easter Egg dyes? They were an annual tradition in my childhood home. As the little tablets would slowly dissolve in the water, anxiously we would stand by hard-boiled egg in hand. Once the mixture was declared fit for use, we would start dipping.

I always loved the soft, pastel hues of the dyed eggs. (And I always hoped that an egg or two would have a teeny crack in it, resulting in pink or lavender egg salad sandwich in days to come!)

Today, a tribute to Paas, and all those lovely Paas colours.

A photo of carefully stacked, pretty teacups by Anita7276. So many of those wonderful pastels, and if you look at the bottom cup, it has that tricky striped pattern which was so difficult for little fingers to achieve using a standard egg dipping method.

Soft, barely tinted pastels. These might be considered a Paas-oops: too much water added and the omission of vinegar. I consider them pastel-perfect! These wonderfully genius chalkboard pots are from the shop chalknotes.

Palest blues, pinks, yellows, lilacs, and greens. What a gorgeous squishy mix! This beautiful merino roving can be found in the shop of knittedtoat.

Ooops, some eggs turned into chicks after all, but they hatched in exact Paas colours! These sweet chick cardstock cutouts are from katrinchen.

I still think my favorite Paas colour is lilac-purple. Did/do you have a favorite?

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Brigitte said...

We never did that as kids but I remember really wanting to.

Love those teacups. Fit for a princess for sure.