22 March 2010

Favorite Things - March 22

I was whipping through the local mall the other day when today's favorite thing stopped me in my tracks. A subtle, scintillating scent was gently perfuming the air. I turned toward the source. An darling little vase and flower diffuser on display outside the Fruits and Passion store was the surprising source.

The little lotus flower, available in three colours (natural, coral and plum), is made of paper thin slices of wood . It works like a traditional reed diffuser. The vessel is filled with fragrance oil. The lotus flower is inserted and as the wood soaks up the fragrance oil inside the vessel, it releases the scent into the air.

The reed diffusers do a nice job, but they are rather minimalistic in design. This is so much prettier than a jar full of skewers. There are three scents to choose from: Fruits of the Orchard, Lotus-Nenuphar, and my favorite - tulip. Replacement flowers are also available.

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