31 March 2010


I have a shameful secret. I am a big fan of marhsmallow peeps: those sunny yellow, sugar-coated, smooshy marshmallow Easter treats. I only discovered them a few years ago. As a Canadian child they were not available as an Easter treat when I was growing up. We had to make do with those rather awful candy coated, stale marshmallow eggs. Peeps, however, now make me long for Easter every year.

So today, an ode to peeps, but a lower sugar content version.

A version of that Peep deliciousness can be found in a Peep-flavoured lipbalm. These balms are available from rachel323.

A hilarious little guy that sits atop your finger. Found in the shop of humblebea is this wonderful fuzzy chick ring.

Five little peeps, perfect for adorning an Easter basket. Sporting a rusty yellow bell around their necks, these adorable chicks arrived from the shop of imaproudcrafter.

Finally, a rather dapper spring peep that can be used as either a pin cushion, or to decorate the top of your Easter cake. This adorable handsewn chick is found in the shop of Leafpeople.

These peeps are sweet. And not in a way that leaves my teeth aching.

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