1 March 2010

Favorite Things - March 1

I think there are probably many, many Canadians that share my favorite thing for this day. A huge shout-out to Canada's Olympic team. What a triumphant two weeks they had!! And how proud they made this whole nation.

This Olympiad was particularly significant as it marked three special historic events:
1) A Canadian athlete earned the first gold medal ever on home soil. Thank you to Alex Bilodeau for this momentous achievement.
2) Canadian athletes earned their highest ever number of gold medals in a winter Olympics.
3) Canadians now hold the record for not only the most gold medals won as a host nation, but also hold the record for the most gold medals ever awarded during a single Winter Olympics.

Canadian athletes proved to us that they have a fierce strength and determination. They strive to be the best, and they do it with grace and dignity.

In no one was this more evident than in Joannie Rochette. She performed stunning figure skating programs, ultimately earning herself a bronze medal and she did this while facing the grief of losing her mother - her biggest fan. This is a true example of grit meeting grace.

Our Olympic team deserves all the applause that greeted them every step of the way. Truly, they did this nation proud. Thank you!! What a thrilling two weeks these were.

Good luck to our Para-Olympians who will continue to bestow upon us a reason to feel deep pride in our country.

O Canada!!

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