6 February 2009

This Has Never Happened to Me Before!

Yesterday, a seemingly innocuous day, I sat at my computer to set up an etsy listing for a pendant. It was a simple enough pendant. A little patinaed owl, sitting against a white Mother of Pearl disk, with a little black bead for contrast. Got the idea.... oh, I'll just show you. Wait a sec -

There you go. Now, I sat at my computer and started typing a description: "This is a pendant, it has an owl and some Mother of Pearl.... yawn." Boring old stuff. Writing descriptions for jewelry can actually become rather tedious. So, I stopped and looked at the pendant, and at the sweet little owl who was squinting up at me. "So, Hoot, what can I say about you." Suddenly, Hoot had a name, and then, a life. He was a near sighted owl, who liked the full moon because it was easier for him to see, and he didn't really like mice and moles like the other owls did, so instead he went to the diner each night for grilled cheese. And that became my description.

WOW... where did that all come from. Was there more about Hoot to discover? I decided I better find out. So I made a pair of earrings, thinking that the more Hoot there was, the more there would be to discover about him. The earrings are, oh, I'll just show you a picture of them. Wait here again:

So, there you are. By the way, clicking on either of the pictures (start with the first) will bring you to the etsy listing, so you can see what Hoot is like in person. You will like him. Trust me, he is a little bit charming in a nerdy kinda way. Like James Blunt, or that guy from the OC.

Off track again. Not my fault. I'm a Libra, so that is a built in personality flaw. Right, I was talking about something here. hrrm-ummm...

I looked at the earrings and Hoot opened up a little more and told me more about himself. He is a little afraid of the noises that the night makes, so that is another reason he likes to hang out at the diner - lots of light and some company from the truck drivers who pull off the road. Sometimes the offer him a french fry. He likes that, especially if there is gravy on the side!

Sadly, I had a limited supply of blue owl bits so I could not make another pair of earrings. But as it turns out, I didn't need to since Hoot and I, though both a little shy at first, had become well enough acquainted that we were ready to set off on an adventure together.

Hoot danced and hooted his way across my keyboard until all of a sudden a whole world of Hoot had unfolded. What an adventure Hoot had. Sadly, you can't read it all here. Sorry, to bring you all the way to end just for you to find out that you are going to have to wait until I square away the publishing rights. And well, for a Libra who is too easily distracted, that may be a long time coming.

hehehe... dandelion fluff... must run!


Crafted Gems said...

lol, i hate writing discriptions too, the ones for my lampwork beads can be just as boring but i love how you took a different look at it. Hello to Hoot too

High On Craft said...

You are hilarious! No wonder Hoot is too!