16 February 2009

Favorite Things - Feb 16

I have a little bit of sugar buzz while posting today. My new favorite thing is so sweetly delicious. It is a combination of two of my favorite things: a perfect white cupcake and lemon meringue pie, perfectly combined to create the lemon meringue cupcake. YUM!!

It is a little time consuming to make these beauties, but it is worth every minute.

First, start with your favorite yellow cake recipe and bake the cupcakes according to the directions. I used this recipe that I found on allrecipes.com.

While the cupcakes are baking, prepare your favorite recipe for lemon curd. I used this Martha Stewart recipe.

Remember to keep the egg whites from your separated eggs. They will be used for the meringue topping.

Once the curd has cooled, place it into a piping bag with a long tip. Insert the tip into the cupcake and squeeze gently to fill the cupcake. Be careful removing the tip as some curd will try to push its way back out.

If you have a stand mixer, you can start your meringue while you are filling the cupcakes. Using your 7 egg whites and add 1 cup less 2 tablespoons of sugar, to your mixer bowl. Using the whisk attachment, beat the eggs and sugar on medium high until stiff peaks form. Have your oven preheated again to 350 degrees.

Once your cupcakes are filled and your meringue is stiff, use a teaspoon to top the cupcakes with the meringue. I used a nice even coat to start to ensure even coverage and then I scooped a little more meringue into the spoon and flicked it Jackson Pollock style onto the cupcakes to get the tall, thin peaks. The peaks are essential as these are the bits that will brown in the oven.

Put the cupcakes back in the oven for 7-10 minutes until the peaks have browned and the meringue has set.


~crazy-bliss.com~ said...

OMG! this is torture, string. lol to see and not touch, not eat. your baking looks simply delicious.

snazz said...

Holy Smokes! I am DROoling! Looks fantastic!