12 February 2009


A bee uses twenty-one muscles to sting.

Bees never sleep.

Bees are born fully grown.

Napoleon Bonaparte III used the bee as a symbol of immortality & resurrection during the Second Empire period (1852-1870) and had bee prints on his red cape.

Bees can fly up to 22 miles per hour.

Honey is 80% sugars and 20% water. (Now that's my kind of nutritional value!)

Bees make very charming additions to jewelry:

With all the pretty spring flowers popping up in my shop, it was just a matter of time before the bees followed suit. Here is one hovering quietly above a spring pink sakura bloom.

These bees are doing the late shift. They like the darker, more mysterious flowers of the night. The nectar is just as sweet.

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Christy DeKoning said...

These are beautiful! When my oldest son (he's almost 18) was a toddler, we called him our little bee buzzing around. So for Mother's Day one year he gave me a bee pin for my coat. I still have it (and love it).

Honey (if it is raw, unheated), by the way, is super-nutritious too. Packed with Amylase, it will start to predigest your starchy foods right away. So spread it on your bread and know you're doing something good for yourself!

(but of course don't give it to infants)