2 February 2009

Favorite Things - Feb 2

Today, my favorite thing is simple. In fact, I don't know how I overlooked it on my original list.

Coffee! I NEED to have a fresh brewed pot waiting for me in the morning as I rub the sleep from my eyes. On a cold afternoon, I can find warmth by wrapping my hands around a mug of oily french pressed coffee. On a damp, cold day, I find nothing more comforting than sitting in a steamy cafe nursing a milky latte or a frothy cappuccino. In the summer, I will sip it over ice.

Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Mexican, Costa Rican, mild, dark, espresso. I have no preference.

It is perfect as an ice-cream flavour, in cake, as beans coated in chocolate.

To sum up, it is the most perfect thing in the world.


High On Craft said...


snazz said...

Sweet sweet nectar of the gods!

~crazy-bliss.com~ said...

your post and picture makes even this coke-loving gal want a cup of coffee!