4 February 2009

A Flower .... For You!!

Two days ago, Shubenacadie Sam saw his shadow, dooming us to another six weeks of winter. Last night it snowed.... a lot!! It has mostly stopped now, and there is a weak amount of sunshine. I know there is little else to be expected in February. I am, after all, in Canada.

I am however, longing for spring. I think over the past couple weeks it has become fairly evident, as I have peppered my blog and etsy shop with jewelry pieces that are pure spring floral decadence.

For something just a little different today though, here is a photo of a real flower. A sturdy, vibrant, heavily scented (you'll have to imagine that part), hyacinth for no other reason than to warm your soul, and to remind us that six weeks is not that long, really, and before we know it spring will be upon us.


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