27 February 2009

Its That Day

Today. Today is that day. Its the day where there is a paradigm shift, and suddenly you truly believe that winter will end and spring will be here momentarily.

The sun is strong and warm. It is melting the mountains of snow and forming huge puddles. As you reach into the closet for your lined winter boots, you hesitate and reach instead for the rubber Wellingtons.

The wind, though blustery, is warm against your face, lifting your hair in teasing, instead of biting at your frigid cheeks.

Its more than the environmental signs though. There is a feeling, a giddy anticipation. People smile at each other, happy to have their faces freed from turtlenecks and scarves. I had always thought that the term "a spring in your step" referred to a coiled spring, but today I think it must mean that you sense the shifting seasons in the grounds beneath your feet - the warming, melting earth, preparing itself not just for a of rapid new growth, but offering us a forgotten buoyancy as well.

Senses are more attuned. Any splash of colour visible amidst the sea of melting white and grey, inherently seems brighter, cheerier. There is a smell on the wind, a hint of earth and trees and flowers carried from a distant land. You can taste it too, its there.

On the cusp of March and already all signs point to spring. If today is any hint of what's to come, we are in for a glorious season ahead.

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jewelzodonnell said...

Ooohhh Sounds delightful! And an excellent description of "spring in your steps!" I can almost smell spring, just reading this!