11 February 2009

Girl Presents for Valentine's Day

Yesterday I gave the ladies a little hand in shopping for their guys. I think to be fair, I better do the same thing for the guys. After all, although we think that we are simple to please, a savvy man knows this is not always true.

Now men, please do take note here. When you are rushing out Friday night after work, remember these simple rules:
1) Bigger is not always better in the gift department. Back away from the vacuum cleaners and blenders, please. We are not going to feel romantic after being reminded that there is housework waiting.
2) Good things do not always come in small packages. If I pulled a ribbon off a tiny box that looked as though it could contain pearl earrings, and opened the box to reveal a pedometer, I would probably cry. Why? Because pearl earrings say "I love you and you have pretty earlobes"; a pedometer says "your butt might be getting a little big. How about getting up off it once in a while". Hhhmmm... see the difference?

There are some safe, go-to options that you may be able to pull off in a pinch. For instance:
* Chocolates are generally safe, provided it is not a Mars bar purchased at the gas station. It must be either good chocolate, (keywords: Belgian, truffle, filled with champagne) or it must be elaborately wrapped chocolate. Bonus points if you can get both in one go! And remember not to add a bathroom scale as an add-on gift!
* Flowers are generally ok. Red roses are the typical floral symbol for love, but you will score higher if you know what her favorite flowers are. Does she prefer lilies, perhaps? If so, adding some lilies is another way to get bonus points. IF, however, you know that flowers will send her running for the allergy meds, you might want to steer clear.
* Perfume, although a nice gift, is a tricky one. Again, here is where a little pre-shopping research is necessary. Do not under any circumstances by her a perfume because it is the one your grandmother wears. If you are unsure, do not attempt it.
* Lingerie... well, all I can say is proceed at your own risk.

Is this sinking in yet, men? Well, since men are such visual beings, let me give you a few clues of what to look for as we move into the sure bets portion of this lecture. All of the items that I am going to mention are found on etsy.com, and there are many, many more fabulous articles to be found as well. Therefore, men, you need not even leave home to shop. True, you have the power to buy a Valentine's day gift while sitting on your couch in your underwear. How did you not think of that before?

The first and obvious answer to what to get your lady love this year is jewelry. Women like things that sparkle. Stones or pearls, silver or gold are classic. It doesn't need to be classic jewelry though. For instance, pearls, though classic, have been made modern through the use of rich, warm dyes, and their pairing with different materials. Look at these earrings made by etsy seller, fiveforty. Aren't they lovely? Any woman would love to have these.

Moving on, here in the Northern Hemisphere, Valentine's Day still has us in an icy grip so it is not inappropriate to give your lady a beautiful scarf. A scarf like this created by JaneBoFelt, would always find an appreciative audience. It is both stunning and unique. And you know that women down the road who always has the perfect rose garden? Well your wife will be able to make her jealous for once!

If you want to treat your lady to something that is soft, feminine, pink and floral, you could try something like a fine art photograph. Here is one of my absolute favorites by AliciaBock.

Finally, you could treat your love to a truly scentual experience. How about a lovely handmade soap, with both matching lotion and mist, like this set by, bellagracedesigns.

Browsing through her shop, you might also be able to find a suitable matching candle.

Well, that is all I can do to help you gentlemen. Good luck, and have a romantic day! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

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Pegg said...

Oh Carol, I love this post!! It made me laugh to tears! I do love your writing!
Take note, men out there, she speaks truths!

Thank you so much for featuring my earrings!