24 February 2009

Snow Days

Are there any two words in the English language that when linked together are capable of bringing such joy? Remember as a child, the breathless anticipation of clustering around the radio or TV waiting for the announcer to state the perfect phrase: "School buses have been cancelled"? SNOW DAY! On went the snow pants, and out the door you would race, crazy carpet flapping wildly behind you.

Now as an adult the same breathless anticipation as you cluster around the radio or TV, waiting for the announcer to utter the perfect phrase "City buses have been cancelled and residents are urged to stay off the roads." SNOW DAY! On stay the PJ's, and off you race back to bed to snuggle under the covers for another few hours.

Yesterday, a Monday, no less, was one of those glorious days here in New Brunswick. I haven't had a snow day in eons, so it was a very exciting day. A fair amount of snow fell here, and winds whipped the snow into perfect peaks. If it weren't for this signed reminder, it would be easy to forget that here in this snow bank is a fire hydrant.

Now that the snow day has passed and the city has resumed to life as normal, I am back to longing for spring. In the mail last week arrived these perfect little bird's nests, and they are the perfect reminder of springtime to come:

It should only be a few more weeks of winter wonderland before spring starts to seep across the land.

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