5 February 2009

Coming Clean About....


This is something that I need to confront. There is only one way to deal with a problem, and that is to admit that the problem exists.

So here goes... I have a problem. I have an addiction. I promised myself at New Year's that I would stop. But then, something happens that "enables" you. First, it was the 2-for-1 store wide sale at Yves Rocher. It made sense. In these tough economic times why wouldn't I make use of the offer. I can have two, but only pay for one. To steal a line from the Sham-WOW guy, "I don't know, it sells itself".

When I got home later that afternoon, and pulled open my bathroom drawer where I keep my "stash" of soaps, body washes and shower gels, I felt ashamed. Barely into the New Year and I had already failed. Deflated, I sadly added my six (three of which were free, mind you!) new shower gels to my already sizable stash. "NO MORE!!", I told myself, "No more".

Not even a week had gone by, and once again I caved. Etsy, damn you Etsy, was once again my downfall. Wonderful BovineBubbles was having a sale. Sigh, I had to resist. But wait.... there were loads of goodies in her shop that were not soap or body wash. Why, an after-shower skin conditioning cube isn't really soap. Its to be used AFTER you clean and rinse. BINGO!! And well, bath melts are not really soap, well maybe, but let's cut the semantics here. They melt and bubble, and condition, so technically its bubble bath, and although they are made from SOAP, they aren't technically soap and therefore they are a different animal altogether. (The fact that she was kind enough to toss a free bar of soap into package is not my fault. I have no need to feel guilty about that one. In fact, one might say that I am a victim, in this case. One seriously happy, good smelling victim!)

The package arrived a week or so later and hungrily I ripped it open, tearing my clothes off as I raced toward the shower. I was a woman gone wild. The scents... intoxicating. I rushed through the mandatory clean and rinse so that I could get to the good part - the after shower conditioning cube. It was coffee cake scented. As if cake alone isn't a weakness in its own right, crush it into a 1 inch cube of heaven and scrub away a day's worth of worries and dry skin, and well.... after my shower I headed to the computer and logged into Bovine's shop, you know, just to look. FREE SHIPPING!!! Oh dear, I was in trouble.

Yesterday, another package arrived. A bigger, much bigger package in fact. Repeat of the scene from the week before.

Today, I looked around at the place that used to be a bathroom, but has in the past few weeks become instead a soap depository. I had to pull my stash out of the drawer it was in, and move it down into the bigger drawer. And finally, finally, I had to admit that I have a serious addiction.

Its time to clean about it.

Here you can see the sizable stash that has accumulated. Notice how large the Bovine Bubbles stack on the left is? Add to that a portion of my Carmel soaps order, various craft show purchases, a remainder from a previously blogged about roadtrip, plus some commercial brands. See the issue?

Now if someone would be kind enough to go buy all of these from Bovine Bubbles shop to save me from myself, I would be much obliged!!


Audrey said...

WOOHOO for Cara!! Awesome feature on an awesome woman. I have her soap too. Love it!!

The Occasional Embellishment said...

LOL...this is a great post! It makes me want to indulge as well, but alas, I have extremely sensitive skin.

Know of any allergy-free soap temptations?

LoopyJ said...

I am a soap addict myself! lol I think my stash could give your stash a run for its money:)

TOE - As for allergy free - check out Clean and Bright. Her Laura's Own Soap is very very mild and unscented. AND to top it off she's having a BOGO Sale! lol (Carol - back off!)

Bovine Bubbles and Hogwash LTD said...

Thanks bunches String :)

I am most happy to be the supplier in your little addiction!

You made my day!

TOE. what is it you are allergic to? Shoot me a line sometime and perhaps we can discuss some products that shouldnt cause havoc with your sensitivites!


snazz said...

I am right behind you in line at the Soapaholics (not so anonymous) podium. I, too, have indulged in some bovinebubbles and carmel soaps. I haven't tried those little bovine cubes yet but it is only a matter of time.

Is being clean a crime? I think not. Lets enable each other down the path to smelling sweet!